Commercial Real Estate Re-Invented

Leading the way

Founded in 2012, Compass is a real estate technology company based out of New York. The company has developed the first proprietary end-to-end marketing and sales platform. The objective at Compass is to eliminate busy work giving clients and agents critical time savings. With heightened efficiency and streamlined workflows, Compass technologies have leveraged these advantages into the client experience fortifying its mission of helping everyone find there place in the world.

These gains can be measured by Compass’ business performance. In 2017 the founders rounded out the executive leadership team, by teaming up the some the brightest minds in technology. The Compass corporate talent pool includes leadership from America’s top technology firms, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. That same year the Compass service area expanded from coast-to-coast through strategic business partnership, merger, acquisition and organic recruitment of the nation’s top real estate sales professionals.

Our Story

Compass Commercial formed from combining the real estate platform Compass (founded in 2012) with California’s largest privately held real estate brokerage, Pacific Union International, along with Paragon Commercial Real Estate Group, Alain Pinel Investment Group, Partners Trust, Gibson International, and John Aaroe Group (JAG). With commercial offices in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Aspen, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Compass provides the most recognized commercial talent in the industry and the first of its kind.

Working in partnership with the country’s top residential sales teams, Compass Commercial is an essential piece of the residential home brokerage model that ensures a seamless user experience for all our clients no matter their needs.